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For the last couple of months, I have been working like crazy with a bunch of awesome people to launch Streets For Everyone, a grass roots organization with the purpose of promoting the transformation of Vancouver streets into places that are much more than just for cars.

Given how much space streets take up in cities, isn’t it kind of crazy that we use them primarily for motor traffic. Lets multi-task streets and use that space more efficiently!

Should a street be primarily just for one form of transportation? Shouldn’t it also be a place just to be – a destination in itself? Let’s encourage forms of transportation that contribute less to climate change and pollution!

Streets For Everyone is currently focusing on championing improvements on Commercial Drive such as:

  • wider side walks and more cross walks for people walking,
  • better bus service and stops for people who are using transit,
  • an all-ages-and-abilities ‘bike’ lane for people who cycle, skateboard, scooter, wheelchair, etc.
  • more seating, and human spaces for people who just want to be
Streets For Everyone's installation at Commercial Drive's 2014 Car Free Day.

Streets For Everyone’s installation at Commercial Drive’s 2014 Car Free Day.


We wanted to highlight how these changes might look by creating a life-sized installation at this year’s Car Free Day. We made fun balloon-headed figurines to ride in our bright green separated bike lane, had a space to demonstrate widened side walks which included a covered seating area, and had parking and landscaping to separate people cycling from motor traffic. (You can find more photos of the event here.)

If you like what we are doing, there are many ways to help us including:

  • Joining Streets For Everyone by becoming a volunteer.
  • Signing the petition to make Commercial Drive inviting for more transportation modes and human activity.
  • Donating so that we can continue to promote our cause through fun events and outreach (printing itself is crazy expensive, wowee!).

2 thoughts on Streets For Everyone

  1. wider side walks and more cross walks for people
    better bus service for people
    better bike lanes for people
    more human spaces for people

    …because which do you value: cars or people?

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