Outdoor Fitness Equipment

I am back in Vancouver now from a trip to Guatemala and Mexico, and want to show some pictures of some of the cool free outdoor fitness equipment that I saw while away.

Places in Central America aren’t the only ones with this genius idea, but why doesn’t Vancouver, a city full of fitness freaks, have any decent outdoor exercise equipment beyond the occasional chin-up bar? (or does it?) It cant be the weather, because we have ideally mild weather for comfortably breaking a sweat.

Outdoor gyms would be perfect for our Sea Wall!

Outdoor fitness equiptment

An outdoor gym in Campeche, Mexico. Note the ‘sea wall’ complete with bike and pedestrian paths.

Outdoor fitness equiptment

Many machines use one’s own body weight for resistance.

Outdoor fitness equiptment

Not the prettiest picture, but proof that people actually use the equipment. Maybe they all waited until the hot sun had gone down?

Outdoor fitness equiptment

Exercise equipment in San Cristobal, Mexico.

3 thoughts on Outdoor Fitness Equipment

  1. There’s a few things around China Creek Park, at the junction of Great Northern Way and Glen (or Central Valley Greenway and Windsor, for the cyclists among us.) :) It’s not nearly as elaborate as what I see in your photos, but it’s something!

  2. Fraserview Park @ 7595 Victoria Drive has has had a outdoor fitness circuit for a few years now.

    As well as Central Park in Burnaby has it’s well known fitness circuit.

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