How to get to Strathcona Safely by bike?

I live in the Dickens neighbourhood and recently had a contract that involved me working in an office on East Hastings street.

For three months I took Main Street North to Union by bike, despite it not really feeling safe at all. (But Main Street has ‘sharrows’, so that makes it safer, right?)

Rumour has it the the city of Vancouver is exploring the possibility of building a pedestrian and cycling bridge to overpass the train tracks that run along the False Creek flats. Sounds like a great idea to me!

I set up a Survey Monkey survey to find out how my cycling neighbours are currently getting to Strathcona, and to see if I could find a better way to get to work sans idealistic beautiful future bike bridge. I also included questions about how often respondents took their described route in an attempt to estimate how much traffic each route was getting.

Of the 39 respondents to my survey, 36 (92%) replied that they ride their bike to Strathcona at least once per month. Funnily enough though, when I mapped out all of the supplied starting and destination intersections from the survey responses, it became clear respondents either don’t know where ‘Strathcona’ is situated or more likely that I worded my survey in a confusing way. 15 of 39 respondents (38%) actually started or ended the bicycle trips that they supplied to the survey in Strathcona. These 15 trips shown in the map below. Line thickness is proportional to trip count. Click on a line for details.

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