Cycle Vancouver Is Now Offline

October 31st, 2014

CycleVancouver, Metro Vancouver’s cycling trip planner, has been taken offline because it is no longer receiving funding to be maintained and hosted.

Other useful resources that may be helpful in planning your route are:

There is interest in measuring if people feel that Cycle Vancouver fills a need that these other resources don’t, so please feel free to vote in the poll below and leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

The code has been posted to GitHub, so if you want to make a cycling trip planner 2.0 feel free to clone it!

How much would you like to see Cycle Vancouver or something similar return to working condition?


Cycle Vancouver

3 thoughts on Cycle Vancouver Is Now Offline

  1. This was a very valuable resource for planning safe rides through the city. I would love to see it return!

  2. Who was providing the funding? I would like to start a petition to the provider to continue funding.

  3. We received funding to conduct the underlying research to build the route planner and to develop it as a prototype from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. We subsequently received funding from the City of Vancouver to update it and build a special version for the 2010 Olympics. We managed to be able to periodically maintain and update the route planner for 4 more years but simply do not have any more funds or resources to devote to it’s upkeep. We always had hoped that a government agency would take over the site and update and maintain it – we suggest you contact Translink, Metro Vancouver, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and your municipality to indicate that you found this to be useful and would like to see something similar developed and maintained.

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