Cycle Vancouver Is Now Offline

October 31st, 2014

UPDATE: A newer version of Cycle Vancouver now lives at

CycleVancouver, Metro Vancouver’s cycling trip planner, has been taken offline because it is no longer receiving funding to be maintained and hosted.

Other useful resources that may be helpful in planning your route are:

There was interest in measuring if people feel that Cycle Vancouver fills a need that these other resources don’t. We held a poll and the results were a conclusive yes. Volunteer work was initiated to bring the tool back online, however our volunteer also has a full time job so work is slow going.

The original Cycle Vancouver code has been posted to GitHub for reference.

Cycle Vancouver

24 thoughts on Cycle Vancouver Is Now Offline

  1. This was a very valuable resource for planning safe rides through the city. I would love to see it return!

  2. Who was providing the funding? I would like to start a petition to the provider to continue funding.

  3. We received funding to conduct the underlying research to build the route planner and to develop it as a prototype from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. We subsequently received funding from the City of Vancouver to update it and build a special version for the 2010 Olympics. We managed to be able to periodically maintain and update the route planner for 4 more years but simply do not have any more funds or resources to devote to it’s upkeep. We always had hoped that a government agency would take over the site and update and maintain it – we suggest you contact Translink, Metro Vancouver, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and your municipality to indicate that you found this to be useful and would like to see something similar developed and maintained.

    • Thanks again for all your hard work!

      Has anyone from your group approached HUB to see if they’re interested in taking it on?

  4. This was the only resources that showed cycling routes when going through multiple cities. The other options you list are not even close to an alternative. It’s sad that this hasn’t been picked up by another organization.

  5. Wow. This trip planner was amazing. It gave some very useful and interesting pieces of info that Google maps does not such as inclination of the hills, amount of green space and other highly useable data to plan a bike route. It will be missed!!!!

  6. when I retired two years ago, I got a bike (electric) for the first time in years, and was completely dependent on the route planner for learning to get around the city. It made a BIG difference. (One less car, eh?) The other resources suck.

  7. this resource probably never had proper funding, making it somewhat flawed. but i used it often and feel it is vitally important to cycling in vancouver. thank you for the work you put in!

  8. This was the best cycling map online; would love to see it back and running. It was the most accurate and had many option that I like (inclination, shortest distance, route with green…) it was an awesome idea. Other route planner for cyclists don’t match it (google is a bad reference as it make you change street every other intersection or more and doesn’t stay on cycling dedicated street.) I’m hoping you can bring you amazing complete map soon. Thanks.

  9. This was SO valuable a resource, it is an incredible shame that it is no longer available. I loved so many things about it, not just planning the route, but the various options, and as a cyclist who is timid after having a serious fall, I can see elevation gained, where there are slopes, etc. To me, it is a substantial loss.

  10. I agree with all the previous speakers. This was my one go-to resource for trying to figure out the best way of getting to and from work – a 21 km frustrating journey through a lot of stinky, noisy and dangerous traffic. Being able to find a greener, more separate route alternative was invaluable to me. I would gladly support the ongoing maintenance of this site!

  11. I’m very surprised and disappointed to see that this important tool is no longer available. I hope this will be amended quickly.

  12. please bring it back! It was so valuable and so user friendly!
    If I have to look in 12 different places to plan a bike route that works for me, chances are I won’t do it. I’ll just hop on a bus or in my car. Not having a good resource like this will mean not riding my bike. :(

  13. I would also happily support a new version of Cycle Vancouver – please add me to your mailing list!

  14. My wife and I are planning on coming to Vancouver from Seattle, WA tomorrow and are bringing bikes. I would love to have a tool such as what this one sounds like it was to plan routes around the city. I would even pay for it as an app on my phone, if that helps.

  15. Wow what a disappointment. I know the streets quite well from 20 years of cycling around, but this map always helped to plan new routes to visit new places.

    Hope you get your funding!

    p.s. drop me a line if you want a developer to take over this project and look for funding…

  16. aw that shucks, how much does it cost to maintain the site? Maybe we can set up a gofundme page to help out

  17. I hope this bike route planning tool comes back in some form. I used it several times in 2014. Now that I’ve moved homes, I’m trying to find the best route to get to work and to other places. Please keep me posted on future updates.

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  19. I would really like this mapping tool to function again. It gave better directions that the vanilla google maps. What does it cost to run some servers?

  20. I jusst moved back to Vancouver and disappointed to see this isn’t around as a tool.

    Crowdfunder? I’m thinking $2,000-3,000?

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