Crow City

A couple of crows have domesticated me and trained me to feed them cat food.

Sometimes when I go out, one of them will swoop by me and plop themselves close by as a reminder that they exist and should be fed at that very moment. Once the braver of the two, ‘Mr. Crow’, followed me on my bike quite closely for half a block. I could see his crow shadow in front of me and hear his wings behind, and it completely charmed me.

Also sometimes when Eric goes out to his car, Mr. Crow will hop a meter or two behind him following. That is pretty funny to watch.

That said, these two are still 100% scared and untrusting of us. They only ever approach from behind.

Whenever I put something new out, like a plate, they act very suspicious and careful. You can see how skittish of my camera Mr. Crow is in this video.

Crow City from Topophilo on Vimeo.

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